Our park is truly a COMMUNITY park.

Sitting at the end of The Historic Gold Rush route, Highway 49 our beautiful park is surrounded on 3 sides by the year-round slow moving, China Creek and the Fresno River. The property, on loan from Sierra Telephone, receives no government funds and is therefore improved and maintained solely by the generous donations of businesses and individuals in our community. From new playground equipment to covered patios, Oakhurst Community Park continues to delight both residents and visitors alike.

1982 – Harry H Baker, owner and president of Sierra Telephone signed a long-term lease for the 4.5 acres of telephone company land for creation of a community park.

1986 – Oakhurst Community Park Committee helds its first Elegant Auction to raise money to pay for the the bridge across the Fresno River, sprinkler systems and the grand gazebo.

1987 – August 8, opening day saw the park was filled with bands and politicians, skydivers and clowns, ribbons and flags and hundreds of community residents.

1987 to present – From children enjoying the first-class playground to concerts, art festivals, car shows, picnics and barbecues, family reunions, weddings and birthday parties, the park is the constantly being used and enjoyed by both visitors passing through on their way to Yosemite and the community residents.

Installation of Playground Equipment (1989)
Installation of Playground Equipment (1989)